Project Manager: Scott Cummings
Project Superintendent: Juan Medrano
Value: $1,438,565.00

The Palos Verdes Lake Dam Restoration Project will provide improved flood control of the lake.  This project includes replacing the existing rusted corrugated metal overflow pipe with a new concrete overflow box structure, modifies the emergency spillway to accommodate the required emergency flows, extending the large storm sewer pipe from the downstream face of the dam to Northwest Drive to eliminate the severe erosion occurring in the park near Northwest Drive and the addition of a new parking lot. In addition, approximately eight hundred fish, eighty-nine turtles and many mussels & mollusks were successfully relocated during this operation. Several turtles remain as the drained condition of the lake still provides a healthy habitat for turtles. The remaining turtles will naturally migrate downstream to Duck Creek if future conditions in the lake become unfavorable.