Prosper, TX

Project Manager: Scott Cummings
Project Superintendent: Juan Medrano
Value: $5,203,441.00

The Gee Road Project is located North of the DFW Metroplex in Prosper, Tx.

The project consists of raising and realigning Gee Road with Fishtrap Road over two portions of Doe Branch Creek.

The primary focus centered around the construction of two of the largest bridges McMahon Contracting has built to date at both 700’ and 300’ long with widths up to 56’ wide.

The bridge quantities included installing over 2,700 feet of drill shafts, 2,437 cubic yards of formed structural ready mix and over 46,584 square feet of bridge slab with ornate rail for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

The roadway section was approximately 3,611 feet long of 8 inch concrete pavement and included over 2,600 cubic yards of ready mix built on 12 inch lime subgrade.

McMahon Contracting was also responsible for the installation of the wet utilities.

Waterlines up to 24” diameter and storm drainage up to 7 feet wide x 5 feet tall were installed in various locations throughout the length of the project.