Euless, TX

Project Manager: James Proulx
Project Superintendent: Sergio Gonzalez
Value: $6,416,032.00

This project was a unique project due to the fact it did not have engineered plans. The plans provided by the city were only Google Earth images with existing TOPO survey data showing the state of the existing roadway. We were handed the task to design build the roadway to create positive drainage while improving the “ride quality” of the roadways. The city of Euless required all the storm inlet structures to remain as is during construction. This proved to be a challenge due to the fixed elevations at specific intervals that had to stay in their current position while creating enough positive drainage without compromising the ride quality. The bulk of the project consisted of removing the existing pavement, balancing of the sub-grade, installing lime then cement slurry to stabilize the soil sub-grade, and then paving of the new roadway. We were able to utilize the slip form paving equipment on approx. 40% of the project while hand pouring the rest. Restoration of the disturbed areas in the parkways were required as well. This work consisted of replacing damaged irrigation systems within our work limits and installing sod. Even with the increase of 7800 SY of paving in the project we still achieved acceptance of the project from the city 2 months early from the original contract timeframe.